Pain Relief And Wellness For The Whole Family

Bowen Therapy With Lynne

@ Pyes Pa, Tauranga

Who can have Bowen Therapy? What does it help with?

Bowen Therapy is suitable for the whole family, from new born babies to elderly people. Bowen Therapy can support you and your families health and wellness.

I help to relieve pain (both chronic and acute), release stress and tension, I also help with sleep, along with a long list of other conditions. Click below to find out more.

I help to balance energy flows in the body, releasing long held tension, leading to a sense of relaxation, calm and clarity.
I recommend Bowen treatments for anyone who wants to go about their day with ease.

"Best Bowen I have experienced for a very long time. Lynne has helped me with injuries and pain management"
Vanessa (Google Review)

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How can Bowen Therapy help?

What is Bowen Therapy?

I chose to practice Bowen Therapy because the moves are gentle. Bodywork doesn't have to hurt to help!

The moves affect your connective tissue (fascia), stimulating the release of your fascia allows the underlying structures to release and realign. The moves also open the flow of energy through your body. Bowen Therapy works at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

"Lynne has an incredible gift of healing. Within minutes of lying on the couch I'm asleep and my body responds really well to her treatments. I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone who wants a treatment that lasts well beyond the session!"
Anna (Google Review)

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Bowen Therapy