Pay It Forward

Here to Help - With GoGenerosity

Be generous with Me! I have partnered with GoGenerosity to allow you to pay-it-forward to those in need.
How does it work?
You simply choose any amount, I add it to your bill and then pool all our customers donations together to provide Bowen Therapy Treatments to those who need them the most.


Pay-it-forward so someone in need can receive a Bowen Therapy Treatment!
I have partnered with the local initiative GoGenerosity, to grow the option for you to pay-it-forward and donate money, so someone who needs help, can come for Bowen Therapy treatments.

All the treatments are done at Cherrybarn by me (Lynne). I have partnered with a local charity to ensure that we help those who need it most. You can donate when paying for your treatment.

100% of donations received go through GoGenerosity to help those in need!

If you want to know more about donating or receiving a Pay it Forward Bowen Therapy Treatment, use the contact details below.