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Why I Did I Do This?

Remind me why I did this again?

Over the weekend I had that moment again, the one that most small business owners have when they first start.

When that question pops into your head.

Why am I doing this? (This being Bowen)

I left an industry I knew well with a secure salary for what….

It turns out it is simple, I have always known what it is, it is to help!

So, I checked in with a client, it had been 3 weeks since her last Bowen Therapy treatment.

She came to me with a groin strain and was struggling to walk up and down her drive without pain. After her first treatment she messaged to tell me she” felt amazing”.

She came back for a follow up treatment one week later and we released her again. 3 weeks on her groin is much better, she is doing yoga and is getting into swimming.

Just two treatments. Fantastic!

This was her first experience of Bowen and I don’t think it will be her last.

As a Bowen Therapist and someone who has regular Bowen treatments, I know it works and it helps.

So, I am sticking with Bowen.

Do yourself a favour, give Bowen a go.


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Posted in Blog on Mar 10, 2021