Lynne & Cherrybarn

Bowen Therapist, Mum, Animal Lover, Fascinated by Energy

And my shearing shed

I'm Lynne, I'm a Certified Bowen Therapist, mum to two girls, two sheep, fifteen-ish chickens (some like to go walk about), one cat, one rabbit and the newest member of the family Jack our not so small puppy. When I'm not working, you'll find me outside digging something up or chopping something down, it's more outside DIY than gardening. I also volunteer at my Local Riding for the Disabled every Friday in term time.

I love working with people, especially women and children. I feel we are all so busy, it is easy to lose sight of who we are and what we really want. It is this story that brought me to Bowen Therapy. After having a family and going back to work I realized I had changed, and my old life (BC, Before Children) had gone. The BC Lynne loved the thrill of the chase that the corporate world offered. The new me saw nothing but extra stress and hassle and my health suffered as I spiraled with anxiety and panic attacks.

So, in 2020 I decided to finally bite the bullet and have a complete career change, and having had Bowen Therapy on myself, and witnessing the effects on my family, it was an obvious choice.

While I was training, I became more and more aware of energy flows and other senses that are explained with quantum physics or classed as woo woo, depending on how you look at them.   My spiritual/energetic development, like everything in life is a continual process. I bring energy work into my Bowen Therapy sessions as the moves I do work on meridians and acupressure points, I also use my intuition alongside physical assessment techniques to help guide me on the best possible session for my client.

I qualified as a Bowen Therapist/ Bowen Therapy Practitioner, through Fascial Kinetics in December 2020 and am continuing my training in complimentary modalities.

"I have been seeing Lynne for a couple of months now and she is just amazing. The Bowen is done in a comforting environment where I also feel supported and listened to. I love her technique and her sense of knowing just what my body needs in the Bowen Treatment. Thank you Lynne you have been a great asset to my wellness journey." 

Michelle (Google Review)

"Gentle but effective treatment in beautiful surroundings. Lynne is amazing and I always come away feeling lighter and calmer and ready to tackle whatever life throws my way. Have definitely felt generally more energised and emotionally/mentally stronger since starting Bowen Therapy as well as noticing the physical benefits, including less headaches and migraines. Would highly recommend, especially if you are not a fan of painful remedies!"

Ronnie (Google Review)

Cherrybarn is my Pyes Pa treatment room and home. The building started life as a smaller shearing shed, which the treatment room is part of. This was extended in the 1980s to include the upper area. The layout of the shearing shed was sheep holding pens in the lower level and a race leading up to the upper area, where the shearing platform was located.

The building was converted into a home in the mid 1990s as a DIY project by a local farmer. We (Simon and myself) purchased the property in 2013, and by this time the building had fallen into disrepair. Anything that could leak, did, and the local wildlife had moved in. We have spent the last 5 years renovating the building, with the layout of the rooms all having completely changed along with new wiring, plumbing, windows, insulation, etc. Any of the work we were able to do, we have done ourselves in evening and weekends.

The treatment room was the last room to be completed in January 2020.

"I love heading in to Cherrybarn Bowen. From the stepping stones leading to the door to Lynne's incredibly warm welcome then feeling like I'm walking on air as soon as I get off the table. Bowen has helped me take all the stress I have in my stride."

Jess (Google Review)