Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Before your first session.

Is Bowen Therapy a massage?

Bowen Therapy is a soft-tissue modality which differs from massage in the following ways:

Your comfort  is paramount, therefore, if you are unable to lie down the Bowen session can be completed seated or standing if required.

What should I wear for a Bowen Therapy Session?

Bowen Therapy is applied through loose clothing or  directly on exposed skin. It is recommended you wear loose comfortable clothing to Bowen sessions.

Do I need to do anything after a Bowen Session?

During a Bowen treatment most people experience a sense of relaxation. Water intake of between 6 – 8 glasses daily will assist the technique and body’s hydration. It is important to keep moving, ideally not sitting in the same position for any longer than half an hour on the day of the session.

It is advised to not use any other form of bodywork for 4 days either side of a Bowen session.

How long is a Bowen Therapy Treatment?

Adult treatment - 1 hour including consultation.

Child (7 to 15 years) – 45min to 1 hour including consultation.

Infant/Child (0 to 6 years) - 30 minutes including consultation. It is common for the first session to be done while the child is seated or standing if they are new to bodywork.

What happens in a Bowen Therapy Session?

If not completed before the session I will collect your details including a brief medical history and details of current conditions. Depending on what is happening with you there will be an assessment either on the massage table or standing. Where possible, treatments are given on a massage table. If this is not possible then treatments can be given standing or sitting. During the treatment there will be wait periods. This allows time for your body to respond to the moves and for the necessary changes to occur in your body before commencing the next sequence of moves. Following the treatment, any changes will be reviewed and a treatment plan discussed.