How Can Bowen Therapy Help?

Adults, Children and Babies

Suitable for all ages and stages of life.

Bowen Therapy is very gentle and is appropriate for adults, children and babies. The increasing stresses of everyday life place pressure on the body and its systems. It is at these times that Bowen Therapy comes to the fore as the therapy of choice for those wanting to address their pain, tension and stress and feel more balanced and relaxed. 

Are you looking for help with pain? 

To improve your energy? 

Work on health and wellness goals?

or, either begin or continue your spiritual development? 

 Bowen Therapy treatments with me, can help with the following:

I tailor each treatment to your your needs on that day, in that moment, whether that is re release of physical pain, relieving stress and tension, finding balance, improving energy flows or working on spiritual development.